Welcome to Puchberg am Schneeberg

Heaven is so close up here!

The mountain, the mild and bracing climate and the magnificent scenery have drawn visitors from time immemorial – emperors, scientists, poets, musicians, industrialists – making Puchberg famous as a health and holiday resort from the time of the monarchy on. Many families have spent the summers here, down through the generations: building villas, enjoying Puchberg and contributing to the town’s prosperity. They even lent their names to walks, lookout points and alpine huts that still bear them today: Ziehrerweg, Friedrichshöhe… Puchberg has retained its appeal to the present day, and is a diverse, active town that still possesses natural charm. It caters for every wish a visitor may have: it is quiet, yet still brims with culture and life; the mountain landscape is gentle and idyllic but with a natural quality that presents many challenges.