Indoor Climbing Garden in the Schneeberghof

The indoor climbing garden can only be used in conjunction with Move Your Mind because there are certain safety rules to observe and the elements require supervision. This means there are no regular “opening hours” as such; instead, bookings are made with Move Your Mind or the Schneeberghof and the gym can be booked, along with the supervisors, providing it is free. The price depends on the size of the group (i.e. the number of supervisors required), on the time spent and on the elements and exercises chosen. Herwig puts a package together according to what is required. The climbing garden is most often booked by groups taking part in a seminar, but individual group bookings (company events) are also common. There are 4 high rope elements as climbing exercises, several floor exercises (spider’s web etc.), a climbing wall and archery.

2734 Puchberg am Schneeberg, Wr. Neustädter Straße 24
+43 2636/3300
E-Mail www.schneeberghof.at

2734 Puchberg am Schneeberg, Wr. Neustädter Straße 24