Tut Gut Wanderweg Route 3

It is a comfortable hiking trail with a steep climb up on the Schoberberg (1213 m). Take the chairlift, then over the Dürre Leitn to Mamauwiese, Schoberkapelle, Schoberberg, Öhlerschutzhaus, Inmitzerweg, Schoberalm, Mamauwiese, valley station of the Schneeberg chairlift.

Red marking over the Dürre Leitn to Mamauwiese, Schoberalm, Schoberkapelle, Schoberberg yellow marking, Öhlerschutzhaus, red marking on the Inmitzerweg to Schoberalm, Mamauwiese, Schabrunst, valley station Schneeberg chairlift.

Climbing help:

Tip: Note the opening times of the chairlift!

Refreshment points:

  • Edelweißhütte
  • Öhler Schutzhaus

Public transport:
ÖBB – Puchberg rail station

Retter Bus: Puchberg rail station – Losenheim valley station chairlift